July 12, 2016

Today I had to fill out a DE-111 form. There are no instructions online on how to deal with our situation, which was this:

Rupert’s next of kin is not an American citizen, we have not yet found the Will, and he and I were not married or living together. My name is not on his lease. The landlord needs to protect himself while there is no Will (yet!) to make sure the rightful heir doesn’t come out of the woodwork next week and we’ve cleared everything out. Makes sense, but there is no one who could do this, and he couldn’t be nastier to us. We went to the county court house to get a court order to file with his landlord. Mission accomplish.

There was no boilerplate to this document. I had to fill out a blank page about what and why I wanted, and I had to make it fire proof. Here is what I wrote on attachment 3f(3):

Petitioner requests authority to:

  • have full and unfettered access to the property at (address) through to the end of the lease of (deceased’s name). This includes all keys, as well as access to and the right to make decisions and execute the decisions of all personal and financial items of the deceased in the home, backyard, and garage.
  • The landlord will not oversee the actions of the special administrator or the deceased’s next of kin or any friends or family.
  • The special administrator is authorized to discuss and access all personal property, financial property, real property, Will if found, insurance, death investigation, and all of the deceased’s documents, accounts, and claims.
  • The special administrator will make and execute decisions regarding the deceased’s personal property, real property, and home, and make decisions on who may have access to the home at (address).
  • All points above demonstrate the authorization of the special administrator (name), as well as the deceased’s next of kin, (name).

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