November 12, 2016

Thank you, Rupert. 

I have this amazing camper van (Beethoven) that takes me and my dog away anytime we want. (He may even take the skinheads bowling!)

Goddamit, Rupert. 

You should be with us. 

I knew I needed to find a way to sit still this weekend. Even if it took 7 hours of driving to get here. It was worth it. All this travel and school and work and parenting has worn me out. I’m exhausted. 

It’s Saturday night. I’m free till Monday evening. I’m in no hurry. I’ve got all my homework with me, and I’d like to get ahead. I think tomorrow should be quiet time for reading and watching the learning videos. I’ll enjoy the waters of both Fly Ranch and Will & Crimson’s Gerlach home. A friend may join for Fly Ranch, but other than that, I intend to get all my schoolwork for the week done so that I can just review before meetings. 

Here’s a list of some of the amazing things I’ve done in the last 24 hours:

I slept in a redwood forest. 

I ate steak and eggs overlooking Lake Tahoe. 

I swam in Fly Hot Springs under rainbows fading in and out of the clouds. 

I vaped California kindest by the light of the super moon

I walked the labyrinth made by my friends and embraced my stories and set them free, and only then did I see that love is everywhere. 

I was treated to a pork chop and applesauce dinner at Bruno’s

I soaked in a hot tub shoulder deep. 

I sweat in a sauna. 

I did a fuckton of schoolwork. 

I realized Ludwig and Cohiba are ready to hit the road anytime. This was easy and almost free. 

I am enough. I AM enough. I AM ENOUGH. 

As much as life throws us all a bunch of crap more often than we’d like, I STILL believe in magic.

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