February 8, 2017


Twenty two hugs today. Well, the first was my daughter, and so were 3-19. I told her I was focusing on hugs today and only got two and she threw her arms around me. And let go. And yelled, 3! And so on till 19, then put the dog in my face for 20.

That was awesome to focus on hugs today to help me with a case of the lonelies.  

I’m working in an office 9-5 the next two days which I haven’t done in a very long time. I’ve picked out a cute, professional outfit and have reframed my office dread. Thank to the power of my brain and my Klownselor, I’m now excited for two days of not working on my own shit. No school, no businesses, no social media. A brain vacation, with a paycheck at the end of it!

I was reminded tonight that my mantra is ease, as I picked my grinder that read, Eaze. It’s in my hand almost every day and I just saw it. Just in time. 

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